Friday, December 4, 2009

First Snow of The Season

We had our first snow for this winter season. Here in my part of Texas it could also be the last snow of the winter season! We welcome the moisture in any form.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just Looking For A Home

Someone dumped this little fellow about two or three months ago. He had been hanging around a house down on the highway and we thought he belonged there but they wouldn't feed him enough. We usually took him a bit of food when we went to get the mail. There was also a little female that had been in the same location for maybe nine months and the two were fast friends but, very hungry. We had been feeding her as well but they just didn't get enough food to keep their ribs from showing. The little female led this little fellow to our house a couple of times but each time we sent them on their way. Then about two days before Thanksgiving this little fellow appeared, without the female, and has not gone away. We tried to take him back to where we thought he lived but, each time he would show back up on our door step just was fast as he could make the mile long trip. We learned he didn't belong to the house on the road and that they had "taken care of" the female dog. So we have let this little boy stay at our house but, we are trying to find him a good forever home.

We call him Buddy and he is a good little boy. Very smart. Plays well with other dogs, as long as they don't try to take his bed. He doesn't chase the cats unless they run from him, in which case he thinks they have taken him up on his request to play. He is learning to come when called. He understands "no". Has learned to walk on a leash. Loves taking walks in the fields. He isn't a barker. Likes getting a good scratch and being brushed. He seems like he would be good with children. He loves to play and would soon learn to fetch. Over all, he is a very good dog just looking for a home.