Friday, May 29, 2009

Abstract In Glass

I really like abstract art and don't know why I don't try more of it on glass. I think I need to find a book that would give me lots of inspiration. If anyone has a suggestion on a really good abstract art book please let me know.

I do like the way this piece came out. I made the focal first and really liked it. At that point I decided it needed a matching bail. So off to the torch to create the beaded bail. All is going well until it comes to actually making that little loop and that's when the tension kicks in. How can something so small give one such trouble. I finally got it done and popped it into the kiln. Surprise of all surprises, it stayed together. No cracks and nothing popped off.

My next decision was to wire it all together so it is ready to put on a chain or leather cord and be worn. Out comes the wire and the hammer and I finally ended up with the piece you see here.

My next decision will be whether or not I really want to part with it. Do I keep it for myself or do I put it in my Etsy store? I rarely have a problem with whether or not to sell something. Usually I create things with selling in mind. I really hate it when I am stuck with making these decisions!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cat of A Different Color

May I introduce you to Tex. This cat is a bit different. He is all decked out in Southwest colors and carries his favorite things with him. I don't think he would ever sleep in the flowerpot and destroy the poor plants. Tex is much happier swinging around someones neck and being admired.

This Southwest Cat is going to the hostess of a glass bead exchange I joined. The title is Raining Cats and Dogs. The idea is, all the participants make their interpretation of dogs and cats out of glass. Then we send them off to the hostess and she sorts them out and makes sure everyone gets beads from the other participants. Typically everyone in the exchange sends the hostess a little extra something in appreciation of all the hard work they do to make the exchange a success. I thought Tex might fill the bill for a hostess gift and wired him up as a pendant. Then he had to have a little mouse, a fish and a little bird to travel along with him. So I made those beads and added them as dangles. I think he turned out pretty good and I hope the hostess enjoys him.

I enjoy making animal beads although I don't do them very often anymore. I must tell you that my favorite animal bead maker is Paula from Island Top Designs. She makes the cutest animal beads and will even make a glass image of your dog from a photo you supply. Check out her blog and check out the two dogs that share her life!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just Being A Cat

Just look at this little guy. Don't you think it would be great to be a cat. Just curl up where ever you choose and take a nice long nap.

I'm not sure what is so wonderful about this pot plant but, all the cats just love it as a nap spot. The poor plant is so smushed but it just keeps on keeping on in spite of being chosen for a cat bed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Frame It

I rather liked this focal when it came out of the kiln but couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it. For some reason my focals don't seem to do well in my Etsy store. I was beginning to get a bit of a complex just seeing them sit there all lonesome. (laugh with me here!) Anyway, instead of listing this one for sale I decided to "frame it". I rather like it and the back side is interesting as well so I have two pendants in one.

We did go to the festival yesterday but I didn't wear the ammonite pendant. It just didn't go with the shirt I decided to wear. Or, maybe it's because brown just isn't one of my colors. Although, it would look good with a yellow shirt now wouldn't it!

About the festival, the bar-b-que was very good but the fiddle players were the best. So much talent in one small place. There were different age categories and they were all super fiddle players. There was this cute little seven year old girl with tight little jeans and bouncy pony tails. Man oh man could she play her little fiddle. We wondered how one so young could have had any time to get that good! There was a twelve year old boy that was more than wonderful. I bet he could have played any type music on his fiddle/violin. Then there was the twenty something guys that could really make their fiddles sing and a thirty something girl that not only played well but really got into her music. We didn't stay to see who won each category. We were just glad we were not having to judge the competition.

We are getting a bit of much needed rain so the garden is growing by leaps and bounds. You can almost see the plants grow. There are blooms on the cantelope and the squash. I think there may even be buds on one of the eggplant bushes. The other one looks like it needs help! I don't think I could win any prize with how my little garden looks but, it seems to want to produce and I'm having fun with it. Pretty isn't everything you know!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fossil Time

Gee whiz, it has been forever since I made an entry to my blog. So much for finding something to chat about daily. Certainly won't bore you with the details of why I haven't posted. Just a little mental stress that knocked me down for a while. Even without that I'm not sure I'll have anything worthwhile on a daily basis.

Anyway, while I was in New Mexico we went to the Gem and Mineral Show and I picked up a few Ammonites. I just love those things and once I gave in to buying one I had to have several more. I admit I am compulsive that way, one just never seems to be enough. Now I have a stash of them just waiting for inspiration.

The Torch Goddess hasn't seemed to be in residence so I pulled out the wire and played a bit with that. The picture today is of one of the Ammonite halves wrapped and ready for wearing. Perhaps I'll wear it tomorrow when we go over to Early for a little festival.