Monday, August 31, 2009

Autumn Leaves

In my part of the world it isn't quiet autumn just yet and the only reason the leaves would fall is from lack of rain. However, in the jewelry making world it is time to start those fall, winter and holiday pieces. It's a bit difficult to get in the groove of making those fall and winter items while sweating over a hot torch in 100 degree weather!

On the up side of things, I really like the way the glass colors worked together in this leaf and our temps were a bit more tolerable today with a high in the mid 80'sF. Too bad I didn't get over to the studio today but had some housekeeping chores to take care of. Maybe tomorrow will be a good torch day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rain Drops

I'm loving this Double Helix Psyche glass! I can actually get it to strike beautiful colors. That doesn't always happen when I spend the dollars on the DH glass. So, when I break down and spend the coins I often leave it in the glass rack because I don't want to waste it. How silly is that!

I also learned that I need to mark the DH rods so I don't confuse them with something else! Psyche looks black in rod form so naturally I grabbed up that rod thinking I had black and started to make a base bead! My frugal little purchase of Psyche wouldn't go very far making a set of round beads and I certainly couldn't sell them for what the rod of glass cost! Must be more careful from now on.

These are listed in my Etsy Shop and they are looking for a new home. Check it out at

As an added note, we still haven't gotten any rain. But, the good news is the temps didn't make it to 100F today!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ocean at Nightfall

The Kiln Goddess was good to me the last couple of days. I am particularly pleased with this set of beads because purple is a hard color to deal with in the heat of the flame. Some colors just don't play nice so when you get a good reaction you feel particularly blessed.

Now comes the naming part and sometimes I'm just not very good at that. I could see sky and maybe land but just couldn't get a name that sounded right. I was about to give up and just go with something like purple and green. Then along came Stacy. A really talented lady I met on FaceBook. She took one look and said "I see the ocean at nightfall". So there you have it, The Ocean At Nightfall. Check out my listing at

Did I mention that Stacy is a really talented jewelry designer? Well she is just that. Check out her website to see exactly what I mean. Here is the link to make it easy for you: There is some really stunning work to gaze at.

Now that the Kiln Goddess is waving her magic over my kiln I'm hoping she will bring the Rain Goddess for a visit. At the moment all we have is the Dust Devil. Such is summer in Central West Texas. On a good note, we did have a "cool front" come in. It lowered the temps down to around 96F but that beats the heck out of 108F!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Poor little Rascal kitty. He was bitten on the foot by a nasty old rattlesnake!

He didn't feel very well for a couple of days but he seems to be doing fine now. His paw is still very swollen but he is beginning to put some weight on it when he walks. He has learned to really fly on three legs and is enjoying all the special attention he is receiving. He was spoiled before but he may be a real terror by the time this ordeal is over.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Dragon Rises

Sometimes the Kiln Goddess leave some lovely surprises in the kiln. I consider this one of them.

I purchased this lovely blue glass, Blueberry something or other, and decided to see how it reacted to the flame. Then I put a few silvered ivory shards on and melted those in and then into the kiln it went. My surprise was the dragon that seems to be rising from the sea with some awesome clouds blowing around. I am sure if I had planned to do this it would have never happened. The reverse side of the bead is rather interesting as well. I'll try and remember to show that tomorrow.

I am happy to report that some clouds have been swirling around Valley Creek and have actually given us a bit of much need rain. Amazing what rain can do. My garden has gone absolutely crazy with squash leaves that are so big and a promise of squash as well. Eggplant plants have quadrupled in size and cantaloupe vines are running everywhere. Even my rose bushes are putting on new leaves. I thought they might be doomed a few weeks ago. Valley Creek is once again bubbling along and the red eared sliders (turtles) are happy creatures once again. Our farmer's cotton is coming up so the fields are looking green once again. Black clouds are hanging overhead tonight and flashes of lightening can be seen.......I hope those clouds open up over us once again.