Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Honor of Mother's Day

This beautiful rosebud was the first one of the season here on Valley Creek. Well at least my part of Valley Creek! We apparently had the right number of chill hours and the roses are beautiful this year. This one reminded me of Mother's Day. Hope all you moms have a great day! I'll be driving out to see my mother and going to church with her on Sunday.

So, what is new here on Valley Creek. I could tell you about the wind blowing! However, I have probably bored everyone I know with that fact and everyone is tired of listening to me complain. I think we are having a typical spring. The weather can't decided whether to be hot or cold. I really like the medium temperature days best.

On the bad side of things, the snakes are out so we have to be very careful. Not fun taking walks through the beautiful pastures when you have to watch every step. One of our cats was bitten the first of April and only just now has healed completely. Then in mid April one of our dogs was bitten on the nose! He loves hunting rabbits but then so do the snakes! The dog recovered very quickly. In fact so quickly we are still amazed. He had his vaccination so I'm sure that helped and then we got steroids and benadryl down him right away and I think that helped as well.

My garden is planted and I actually have a few little tomatoes on the vine. Should have a few strawberries pretty soon. Wish I had planted more. Also have some salad bowl lettuce that came up from last years seeds. This year I put in some potted flowers around the garden so it looks pretty even if I don't make a food crop!