Friday, February 25, 2011

A Bowl of Beads

A bowl of beads just waiting to be cleaned. After cleaning they get sorted and then photographed so I can list them in my Etsy shop. Actually, this bowl of beads has already gone through the process and one set has already sold. See those little red cherry beads? Those have gone to a jewelry maker who will turn them into a beautiful creation for her Etsy shop. I love making the beads but the rest of the process is pretty boring so I don't love that so much. All the boring stuff is necessary so I can sell the beads otherwise I would be buried under beads.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 2011

So, it's February already! This is how our February started. It was so cold. Temps well below zero at night and not even reaching freezing during the day. It was a long couple of weeks. However, we went from freezing to suntan in the space of a few days. We were at 81 degrees today! That's summer weather for most folks.

Speaking of long weeks. Look how long it has been since I posted any Valley Creek happenings here. My goodness! Was it actually May, 2010 and roses were blooming. Time does fly doesn't it. I would say that I will try to do better and I will but, I'm not sure that means I will actually do better. For a talkative person like me I just sometimes don't have anything worth writing about. Maybe I should join a "how to blog" group.

My creative muse has been missing. I think she froze. I'm hoping she will thaw out soon and I can have more beautiful beads to show. When the bead fairy is missing I turn to my jewelry bench and turn out a few ready to wear creations. Check out the boutique to see some of the wearables.

So, I'm already thinking about what to share next. Maybe I have a few things that will be of interest. I'll try to be back sooner rather than later.