Sunday, May 1, 2011

Work For Windy Days

Spring hit Valley Creek early this year and the winds have blown at gale force for days on end. It's difficult to work at the torch when the wind is blowing through the studio so I turn to other things.

My first creative love was working with wire. So I decided to tackle a few wire projects. The first one is done in sterling silver using a Hill Tribe Butterfly that I have been hoarding.
 Next I went through the beads I purchased at Bead Fest Santa Fe. Fortunately I had enough gold filled wire to make this bracelet. I also found some of my small turquoise lampwork spacers that worked great with these beads. I love the extra pop of the blue.
 Then I moved on to the heavy copper wire. I used a "fire painting" technique to pull some really beautiful colors out of the raw copper. I love that process although it's a bit like a box of chocolates, your never quiet sure what your getting. I also used a non tarnish silver wire to wrap this one. It's actually copper with a silver plating then covered in a protective coating.  This wire is a great alternative to sterling since silver prices have gone sky high.
So that was my windy day projects and I enjoyed them very much. However, I do hope the winds calm a bit so I can get back to the torch and make a few beads.


  1. were busy! them all but copper is a love of mine...especially when its heat treated. Really lovely. <3


  2. I love the way the copper turned out. Your wire work is always superb. The cold connections piece was awesome, too. <3

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